fat in belly

Health Dangers of Excess Weight

Excess weight can be very dangerous to your body. Not engaging in the different physical exercises can lead to the accumulation of excess fat in your body. When you are inactive, your body burns fewer calories. This may lead to the depositing and accumulation of fat under your skin. The continuous collection will lead to obesity.

Eating junk foods is also another thing that may render your body obese. These foods have high calories content, and their continuous consumption will lead to one being overweight. There are several things you can do to cut off the excess pounds in your body. One common procedure is engaging in regular physical exercises.

Highly-intensive activities will help burn calories fast. You can attend gym sessions or startexcess weight jogging exercises. Gymnasiums have the right equipment for your workouts. One can hire a trainer to help them out with their practices. Healthy eating can also help you reduce excess body fat.

Going slow on junk foods and sticking to a natural, balanced diet is one way you can stay safe from being obese. Some supplements help aid weight loss. They can burn body fat instantly. Being overweight can pose several health dangers to your body. They include:

Blood Pressure

Excess fat in your body can lead to increased blood pressure. The excess body fat can clog your blood vessels which will raise your blood pressure. Such a situation can trigger a stroke or even heart attack. They are among the common lifestyle illnesses that have claimed the lives of many over the recent years.

Triggers Type 2 Diabetes

Excess weight in your body can trigger type 2 diabetes. A higher percentage of adults who have heavy weightdiabetes are obese or overweight. Being overweight may leave your body insulin resistant. Your blood sugar is not able to be utilized by the cells when you are insulin resistant. Your cells will be required to work more hard to help keep your blood sugar at its usual levels.


Excess body weight can also lead to cancer which is another dangerous lifestyle illness. There are different types of cancers that can be triggered by an increase in weight. They include kidney, gallbladder, endometrium, colon and breast cancer.  Fat cells will trigger the release of hormones that will affect the growth of your cells, therefore leading to cancer. Your eating habits that contribute to an increase in weight may put you at the risk of contracting this condition.