4 Reasons for Reduced Human Life Expectancy

This article explores some of the top reasons why the life expectancy of man has reduced over the years. Continue reading to find the answer to this question.

Why is human life expectancy reducing?

1. Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is perhaps the world’s leading killer. Tobacco is one of fhjkglithe most abused drugs and whose disastrously devastating impact on human health many underestimate. Worldwide, thousands of people die from smoking-induced health complications such as lung cancer. In the same vein, a slightly less number of people perish due to causes related to alcohol abuse. It is also imperative to note that a big number of road accidents are triggered by alcohol abuse. Other life-threatening drugs include bhang, cocaine, heroin, among other harmful substances.

2. Road Accidents

Thousands of hapless motorists and pedestrians lose their lives on the roads every day. Statistics have interestingly revealed that more people die in road accidents than in wars and other forms of human conflict. Whereas we all abhor war and treat it as a leading extinguisher of human life, we do not have this same reaction toward road deaths which actually claim more lives. Automobile mishaps are the most widespread causes of death on world’s roads where thousands of both young and old people lose their lives every minute. In its worst manifestations, road carnage claims as many as ten people from the same household, even entire families!

3. Epidemics

Despite the impressive steps made by scientists in the medical world, some diseases have simply outwitted the extensive knowledge of even the most qualified of doctors. For instance, the world is still battling the elusive Ebola that has decimated thousands of West Africans. Ebola is a classic example of a stubborn disease that continues to claim lives despite the ardent efforts of the entire world. HIV Aids is another among diseases that have no known cure and which continue to lower man’s life expectancy more than three decades after the first recorded death.

4. Human Conflict/War

tjykujyhgIt is indeed bizarre that man himself is one of the enemies reducing his life expectancy. Every year, millions of human lives are lost in full-scale wars between warring groups of people. An equally large number of lives are lost every day across the world as a result of simple animosities involving very few people, like two or three. For instance, have you ever asked yourself the world’s total number of people killed by robbers and burglars every single night?