Health Risks of the New Generation

The modern lifestyle that many people embrace has led to new health risks. As opposed to the past where people used to deal with heath risk that was less risky and easy to treat, health risk that modern generation face is more complex and difficult to treat.

Studies have shown that life expectancy has decreased by up to 10 years within a period of 50 years despite advance in medical technology.

Health risks of the new generation.

1. Pollution

Pollution is one of the top health risks that modern generation face. rhtjykjhgYou need to breathe clean air to enable your respiratory system to function well. However the use of carbon, sulphur oxides, lead among other has resulted in an increase in pollution. Air pollution has many health risks to the modern generation. It compromises the respiratory system thus leading to respiratory diseases, related heart disease and cancer. Tobacco smoking in public areas not only pollutes the air breathed by smokers but also anyone else in the immediate vicinity. Many major cities in the US have poor air quality as a result of air emitted by moving vehicles, industries and smokers. Modern generation, therefore, need to come up with strategies to eliminate pollution especially air pollution that poses a tremendous health risk.

2. Unnatural diet

Advances in technology have led to the discovery of food recipes that that impact negatively on human health. As opposed to the past where people use to eat natural foods, nowadays many people embrace junk and highly processed food which have an adverse impact on human health. An unnatural diet that many people adopt in the modern world has led to the emergence of diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes among others. Food culture in the modern world is fast food culture. An increasing number of people in the modern world use convenient food in order to minimize the time required to prepare healthy natural foods. These convenient foods are high in salt and fat and can result in serious health issues.

3. Lack of physical activity

ghjmh,jHarsh economic times has forced many US residents to spend more hours working. The modern way of life has less physical activity than ever. Most people spend countless hours working at their own desk with the assistance of telephone and email for communication. Recreation has also become sedentary. Unlike the past, nowadays most people prefer sitting in the comfort of their own house and watch movies all day. Lack of physical activity is associated with many health risks such diabetes, heart disease depression, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.